General Estimation Guidlines

(some things I need to know before I can issue you with a estimation)


Hello and welcome to this page. Please take the time to read this as it will help you, to help me, make an informed and realistic estimation for you by supplying me with details of what your are after.

Now there are a few things I need to know, and that you need to know, before making that first contact with me. So here is a quick list of things that you need to consider.

So, let's say for a moment you would like to ask me to build you a "Spitfire" like every boys dream, please read on!!!!


A. What size model would you like it ideally to be? So.....

1. What scale do you want it to be?

2, What size does your model transport allow?

3. What does your club allow?

4. Do you need to get it certified under your countries large model scheme when built?


B. Do you want me to supply it to you from a...

1. Composite commercial Kit,

2. Built up commercial kit,

3. Built from a commercial plan, or

4 Scratch built by me in house.


C. If the latter, do you....

1. Have the plans yourself ?

2. Do you have workable DXF's that are actual line drawings and not converted JPG to DXF rubbish?

3. Do you want me to draw the plans for you properly?


D. What detail/finish on the model do you want?, do you want it....

1. Stand off/sport scale in finish?

2. Club class scale with some features added?

3. National scale detailed to a well documented set of drawing and pictures?

4. 'Balls out' Museum or Top Gun/World Championship class finish with every rivet nut bolt and screw fitted with full explicit documentation taken from the full-size prototype.


E. How do you want the model supplied by me to you? Do you.....

1. Want it supplied, built and ready for you to install and the radio equipment, engine and hardware?

2, Built and supplied with some of the radio equipment, engine and hardware fitted?

3, Built with all the radio equipment, engine and hardware fitted and ready for testing?

4, Fully turnkey built and radio set up to your radio system?


F. What type of power plant do you want fitted? Is it....

1, Electric powered?

2. Glow powered?

3. Petrol/Gas powered?

4. Turbine powered?


G. Where are you in the World in relation to where I am here on the west coast of Ireland?

1, If your in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Scotland or Wales, I can deliver the model personally to you without much hassle given my location and prior agreement based on a few factor like when I will be around and when you want it delivered.

2. If your in Europe, it's a case of either having me deliver to you at a cost to you of ferry, fuel, accommodation and food or you can pay for shipping via a logistics company.

3. If your else where, well I think you can guess the rest. Still no problem shipping via a logistics company but at your cost.


H. Most importantly,

Is your budget for this build estimation realistic given all the topics above and based on time vs money vs materials vs equipment costs in the real World?



Now you have hopefully answered the questions above, and still want me to make you an informed estimation, just hit the email button and I look forward to hearing from you.


Dave Matthews.


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